Welcome to Choices Sober Houses

Our Mission is to provide a safe, sober community to help both men and women achieve their recovery and life goals, build a system of support and learn to be self-sufficient, and be well integrated into 12-step recovery programs along their chosen path.

Our Vision is to educate men and women about the issues that drive addiction, raise consciousness and provide resources for a lifetime free of drugs and alcohol.

Debbie Strand - Owner

Are you stuck in the circle of hopelessness and see no way out? No matter how hard you try?

Here’s a way to kick addiction for good!  Finally, get your life on track and figure out why you use and drink In The first place!  Learn skills for continued sobriety and most of all, how to become COMFORTABLE being sober!  Let’s remove the anxiety!

Parents- You’ve done everything!  You’ve tried everything and just about spent your retirement!  Now it’s time to find out what works!  Find out how to stop spending YOUR resources and get your adult children to finally grow up!  Our process has been proven time again and again to make the addict/alcoholic actually want to change!

Spouses/Partners- Learn effective methods to get your loved one back.  Learn how to heal your relationship through recovery and healthy boundaries.

Get your children back, document progress with the courts, have your child born sober, reunite your family, and see why everyone at those meetings looks so happy!

Learn about meetings, rehabs and detoxes, halfway houses, alternatives, and different supporting modalities from a Christian in-track to a Medically Assisted Treatment with anti-craving medications.  Whatever you need, we can help you navigate the waters!

Connect with us and see why we are The New Standard In Sober Living!