Lake/Palmetto House for Women

Lake/Palmetto Houses are located on a corner lot and offer a serene and supportive environment for women in recovery. These houses share a pool and a pool deck, creating a space for relaxation and community bonding. The property boasts a special and peaceful side yard and patio deck, providing a tranquil outdoor space for residents to unwind and reflect.

One of the unique features of Lake/Palmetto Houses is the computer room, which is available for residents to use for resume-building, job searches, and communication with families. The media room is equipped with a computer in the TV, allowing residents to participate in Zoom meetings with clinicians, families, or children. This room also serves as a versatile space for Zoom meetings, exercise classes such as Pilates and yoga, and other group activities.

The property is designed to provide a clean and spacious living environment, with oversized closets to accommodate residents who may be carrying their entire lives with them. Lake/Palmetto Houses offer a safe space for women to regain their serenity and heal the underlying issues that led them to recovery. In addition to the physical amenities, Lake/Palmetto Houses offer comprehensive recovery programs. Residents have access to relapse prevention meetings with a licensed clinician on a weekly basis, as well as gender-specific meetings. The supportive community atmosphere is fostered through shared meals, game nights, and other social activities, allowing residents to connect, support each other, and build meaningful relationships.

Lake/Palmetto Houses are designed to provide a beautiful and peaceful environment for women to continue their recovery journey. With a focus on community, support, and healing, these houses offer a nurturing space for women to rebuild their lives and work towards lasting sobriety.

Mayflower House for Women

Mayflower House is a serene and supportive environment that consists of two houses sharing a pool deck, with attached private suites. It serves as a place of refuge and recovery for adult women who are working on their sobriety program and planning their next steps in life. The main house and the pool house are both part of the community, and they provide a nurturing space for women to focus on their recovery journey.

The property is designed to create a sense of community and support among its residents. There are outdoor emotional support cats that are part of the loving environment, providing companionship and comfort. The residents participate in relapse prevention meetings with a licensed clinician on a weekly basis, as well as gender-specific 12-step meetings. These meetings provide a safe space for sharing, learning, and supporting each other in their recovery goals.

Mayflower House is home to women who are working full-time, and during the day, it can be quite peaceful and quiet. The residents are encouraged to support each other in various ways, including attending house meetings and outside meetings, sharing resources, and helping each other with transportation to jobs and other commitments. The house fosters a supportive and empowering atmosphere where women can rebuild their lives and work towards reuniting with their children and families.

Mayflower House takes pride in being the first house that has witnessed numerous successes and positive outcomes for its residents. It serves as a beacon of hope for women seeking to overcome addiction and build a brighter future. With its serene setting, supportive community, and comprehensive recovery programs, Mayflower House is a place where women can find solace, healing, and a renewed sense of purpose.

Aspen House for Women 50+

Aspen House is a special place that offers a supportive and inclusive environment for women who are 50+ in age or maturity in sobriety. It provides opportunities for gardening, shared meals, relapse prevention groups, gender-specific meetings, and a sense of community, all within a convenient location. It is a place where residents can find solace, support, and companionship on their journey of recovery.