Yellowstone House for Men

Welcome to the Yellowstone ranch house and bunkhouse, the men’s collection of Choices Sober Houses where we prioritize your comfort and recovery journey. Our spacious accommodations feature double occupancy rooms, providing a sense of companionship and support without the need for over crowding.  Multiple sitting areas are available, encouraging relaxation and interaction among residents.

We understand the importance of a structured medication routine, which is why we closely monitor and manage medications through our office. To offer an additional layer of support, we host in-house weekly men's meetings facilitated by AA, along with a Relapse Prevention Meeting weekly with an LCSW.  These meetings provide a safe space for men to share, connect, and embark on the healing process through the principles of 12-step recovery.

Our expansive backyard boasts horseshoe pits, offering a recreational outlet for relaxation and camaraderie. The well-equipped laundry area ensures convenience with ample washers and dryers, while our on-site weight bench provides an opportunity for residents to engage in physical exercise.

For those seeking a more private setting, we offer a dedicated executive room designed to accommodate professionals who work from home. Unlike many other Sober Living facilities, our properties are meticulously maintained and exemplify exceptional cleanliness standards, ensuring a conducive environment for your recovery journey.